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Invader Zim Roleplay group
Welcome to the Invader Zim RP HQ, foolish humans!

Admins: :iconjimmysempai:

CoAdmins: :iconkougrapaw::iconshiftymoof:

Assistant: None. :C

Disclaimer: These characters in this project (except the OCs) do not belong to us. They all belong to Jhonen Vasquez their respective owners. We're just roleplaying the characters. All OCs belong to their respective owners as well.

:new: What's New?
This is the section where you will be informed about the latest updates.

News from JimmySempai:  I, JimmySempai have revived the group due to..well, boredom, Let's hope it stays alive!

News from kougrapaw: [23/2/10] Agh! Sorry, everyone, we're doing pretty lousy jobs as admins. Well, at least I'm actually here. D| Anyway, Zim has left the group, so feel free to apply for him again.
[5/1/10] We have a new OC, CnX-21Cyanide! (Which is great and all, but can we get some more canon characters in here pleeaase?)
Oh, and I'd like to ask all the OC members to get avatars up some time soon, please. If you need some help with one of those just ask.
[2/12/09] Please welcome our second OC member, IZRP-Blu!

:community: Members


The accounts except the ones you see above are not a part of this RP group.

:community: OC Members



:dead: Terminated Accounts
These accounts are not a part of this RP group anymore:


:? INITIATION? How to join?

1. Choose a character from the “remaining characters” list (below).
2. Send either JimmySempai or kougrapaw a note (please type a subject like this: "Application: Professor Membrane", it will help us to categorize the notes) filling out the form below:

a) Which character do you want?:
b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
d) Show me (please write a monologue (it should be a paragraph, meaning 4 or 5 lines at least), any subject will be accepted):
e) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
f) Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No):
g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:

3. Please do not create an account before receiving the note telling that you’re in.
4. Once you’re in, don’t forget to submit an introduction journal. Remaining confidential or mentioning your regular account is up to you.
5. Please do not make your activity invisible.
6. After everything is ready, the club will add you to the character list and you'll get your icon at this point.

P.S.: You don’t have to list all RP accounts, more and more people keep joining us and if you list them in your journal you’ll have to update often. I’m doing this job for everyone, updating the account list as frequently as I can, so you can just put a link for the Headquarters.

:target: RULES: For Canon Characters
If you want to make an account for your OC, please read the Rules for the OCs. Scroll down to see them.

1.You should stay in character to give characters more realistic aura.
2. Only official pairings are allowed! You can mention the others but please don’t let it be too obvious.
3. Keep the accounts active! Let’s say, how does “at least twice a week” sound?
4. If you’re going on a hiatus, please inform people by mentioning it in your journal. Don’t forget to tell how long you will be gone.
5. Be creative! Your character may be dead, but you have the game and you can make up their personalities.
6. Please be nice to others, don’t use slang.
7. You don’t have to speak only with the characters in your arc. Try to be creative and talk with the others (and stay in character while doing it)!
8. Need help with character personalities? There are many sites with character Bios in them. Here is one:
9. Having more than 2 accounts is unfair. Give other fans a chance! You can role-play up to two characters, just don’t choose close characters.
10. Please do not make your activity invisible.

:target: RULES: For the OCs

1. You can’t go and act like the canon characters already knew your character. Nor they could be related to the canon characters. You should introduce your character to them first.
2. Please have an IMAGE of your OC. This way it will be easier for the role-players to get used to your OC’s existence. (You can send your sprite via note, I can turn it into an icon for you. Yes, your OCs need to use a similar style of icon to be count as a member of this RP group.)
3. Never ever forget to submit an introduction journal just like the rest of the team. OC introductions are really important, because we don’t know anything about them. Please don’t let your OCs be too cliché. Use your imagination!  Determine which characters do you want to role-play with and choose your character’s personality according to them.
4. You don’t need to send applications for your OCs, but a good description will be accepted. Quality OCs only.
6. You can have OC accounts even if you have two RP accounts. They’re limitless.
7. You can't pair up your OCs with the canon characters. Only mentioning is allowed.
8. Please, please please no Mary-sues or Gary-stus. Let's not make our characters beautiful smart everyone-loves-them characters. Let's make them ultimately flawed in something. Plleeaaase.

Remaining (main) Characters:

>> Zim's computer
>> Tallest Red
>> Tallest Purple
>> Zim's robot mother
>> Zim's robot father
>> Minimoose
>> Skoodge

:target: :target: A LIST OF MOST OTHER CHARACTERS (not gonna list them all, there's too dang many 8D; ) :…
AND HERE:… :target: :target:

:target: Current Contests/Plots:

None yet. Ahaha.

:faq: F.A.Q.
Have any questions? Send us a note and we'll have them answered here! Just have the note subject as 'F.A.Q' or something along those lines.

:handshake: Affiliate(s)
If you want to be an affiliate too, send us a note!
We're listed under:


Role-Play Groups:

How to put Headquarters link to your journal?
Copy and paste the code below. Don't forget to remove the asterisks.
<*a href="…">Click for the Headquarters</a*>
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